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Science Night Schedule and Instructions

Invention Convention and Science Night Schedule


Liberty Science Center presentation of The Science Circus : Drop-off (6:15 P.M.) and Dismissal (7:30 P.M.)


  • Children will be signed in at tables stationed outside of the Owl’s Nest. This is a chaperoned event. We will have plenty of chaperones for the children inside the Owl’s Nest.
  • All of the children attending Science Night will be seated according to grade and class
  • At the end of the evening there will be a parent chaperone for each class holding a sign with the teacher’s name and parents will be required to sign their child out.
  • Fourth and Fifth Graders will be dismissed first so that they can man their inventions!

Invention Convention 7:30 – 8:00

Upon dismissal from the Liberty Science Center presentation all children and their families are invited to visit the 4th and 5th grade invention stations.

-To the Parents of 4th and 5th Grade Participants in the Invention Convention Only –

Invention Drop-Off and Pick-Up Instructions

We all cannot wait to see the students’ inventions for the Invention Convention! To make the event go as smoothly as possible please note the following for invention drop off and pick up.


  1. Morning Invention Drop Off: Volunteers will be at the school in the morning and will have tables set up so their schoolmates can view the projects during the day if time permits.
    • Please have our inventors leave their inventions with the volunteers at morning drop off.
  1. Invention Pick-up:
    • For those inventors not attending Science Night that evening: Please take your inventions home at the end of the school day.   Volunteers will be there to assist.
  • For those inventors attending Science Night that evening: Get ready to have some fun and take your inventions home after the Science Night event is complete at around 8:00 P.M. Volunteers will be there to provide assistance.
  • If your child is NOT attending the Liberty Science Center Presentation but would like to come at 7:30 to show off their hard work they are welcome to do so!




Ask your child about Daryl Cobb’s visit

rIMG_7618m IMG_7632


On Friday the kindergarten through 2nd grade had a chance to meet author Darly Cobb. As you can see from all the raised hands  the kids were enthusiastic participants in the show. He sang, played the guitar and taught them about writing.  The children laughed, sang and helped him write a story. Assemblies like this are made possible by your PTO donations.

Several parents asked if they could still order a book. You can print the order form below and send it in on Monday in an envelope marked Daryl Cobb.



Hope Springs Eternal


As my time on the PTO Executive Board is winding down I wanted to take a few moments to reflect upon the last two years. Our school community has had a tumultuous time with rotating principals and the constant transition has undeniably had a negative impact on our school spirit. With a new principal on the near horizon I subscribe to the philosophy of “hope springs eternal”.  Next year will be better!

Being on the PTO board means that you work closely with the principal to pick assemblies and events for our school community. One thing that our board wanted to focus on was enrichment opportunities. We have had awesome assemblies and activities over the last few years. They have run the gamut from Chinese Acrobats to penguins to our upcoming encounter with reptiles. This year we have two wonderful authors scheduled. The older grades had a fantastic time and learned so much from Chris Grabenstein. The younger grades get their turn soon with Darryl Cobb. Doodle Dude was a big hit with the children and offered an opportunity for our kids to flex their artistic muscles after school. The year isn’t over yet! Science Night is coming up and I am so excited to be hosting Liberty Science Center. In addition to our Halloween Family Fun night earlier in the year we have Movie Night next month and Field Day is fast approaching. None of these things can happen without your support and we thank you.


It is time for the proverbial passing of the torch for Donna and I. Between us we have been on the PTO Executive Board for over five years and in Fairview too many years to count. A parent recently sent me a note to thank me for something and wrote that her daughter described me as the lady that is always up at the school. It gave me quite the chuckle! The reason any of us join the PTO is because we want to help make great memories for all our children. We have been blessed to get to know many of your children and it has been a pleasure meeting many parents too. A huge bonus for me is the friendships that I have formed during my tenure. Working with parent volunteers, both new and veterans,  has been very rewarding for me personally. Being on the executive board is a lot of work but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If everyone works together and shares the load it can be very manageable. Please consider volunteering for next year’s board. I promise we will help you transition smoothly and we will still be here to help. I have been accused of being an eternal optimist, as a Jets fan it is a prerequisite. I believe that all the work is worth the payoff for our children. Our children are making wonderful memories at Fairview that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Please consider helping make more memories for our children next year and join the PTO Board.

Earth Day

IMG_1122IMG_1123  IMG_1197

Today we are sorting the seedlings that will go home with the children tomorrow for earth day. The tree pictured above was planted by my 19 year old daughter Maggie when she was in kindergarten at Fairview. It took a little beating this winter but it is home to the robins pictured. The tiny trees are a wonderful tradition that your pto donations make possible.  Enjoy planting your tree tomorrow and thank you for your continued support.



80’s night cancelled

Unknown-8It is with a heavy heart that we announce that 80’s night must be cancelled due to low ticket sales. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets or emailed to say they were coming.  Special thanks to Lou Cirigliano for his generous donations and his continued support.


Please RSVP Monday

ultimate 80sWhen we started planning 80’s night we were hoping for an event that would provide an opportunity for parents to get together in a fun environment in order to build a stronger sense of community spirit. We were going to raise a little money with some fun raffles, dance like no one was watching and take goofy pictures in a photo booth. At this point we have not sold enough tickets for this event to proceed so I am making a final plea to everyone to consider coming. You can come with your spouse or with some friends. My husband and several of my friends’ spouses are attending. You don’t need to come dressed like Madonna or Boy George. My husband, Glenn, is wearing a white t-shirt and Levis since that is exactly what he wore back when we were in high school. If you are worried you won’t know anybody attending then email me and I will save you a seat at my table. You are also more than welcome to invite some friends from outside of Fairview too. You can make it a mom’s night out and hang out with some friends without having to chase your kids around while you talk. The money raised at events like this help defray the cost of school trips, provide assemblies and author days and field day too. Please send in your rsvp on Monday. It will be worth the price of admission to see my hair curled and sprayed up so high that planes may be detoured.

Spring Plant Sale Volunteer Sign Up and Teacher schedule


No Green Thumb Needed!  The Spring Plant Sale is an excellent opportunity to volunteer at Fairview!

We hope you will give some time to help the children pick out flowers, collect money, and wrap up plants.  We also need help with the set-up and break down.  Children will be visiting the plant sale with their classes during the times listed below.

Please feel free to come in, help them shop and pick up some plants for your own gardening needs!  Remember – we use a distributor who sells high quality merchandise.  Our prices are lower than the high end garden shops in our area!





10:30-  MCGHEE,


11:20 – DALY,

12:30- KAMENO,

12:50 – KIRCHNER,

1:10 – LEVENS,


1:50 – DEPINTO,

2:15 – TINDALL

Link to sign up genius to volunteer:


Spring Picture Day


Spring Picture Day is tomorrow! Proofs will be sent home in a few weeks and you can choose to buy what you like. No money required tomorrow. This is not a PTO event so please call the school with any questions. We just figured it is a busy time of year so a little reminder can’t hurt!