Field Day

Tomorrow is field day! The weather is not ideal but it is not a washout.

For new families that may not be familiar with Field Day here are some basics:

1) Your child will be given a t-shirt tomorrow that is either blue or white depending on what “team” they have been assigned to for the day’s events. This t-shirt is paid for by PTO funds raised throughout the year. They are great keepsakes and can be worn for spirit wear days too!

2) The children will be playing old fashioned games beginning shortly after 9 with their class team mates. Bragging rights go to the winners.

3) Lunch consisting of a hamburger or hot dog, chips, water and a cold slice of watermelon will be provided. Talercio’s will be expertly grilling for us again this year. At the end of the day the children will get an italian ice as well. If your child does not eat the lunch or snack provided please pack them something. Lunch is paid for with PTO funds raised throughout the year.

4) Children must wear sneakers.

5) Parents and siblings are welcome to come and watch but lunch/ices are only provided for the children that attend the school.

6) The school day ends at regular dismissal time.

If this is your child’s first field day then they will be having a blast. If it is your child’s last field day at Fairview…no crying allowed! 

Without your generous contributions throughout the year there would be no events like Field thank you very much for your support!