5th grade functions

Fairview Elementary’s

5th Grade Save the Dates 

5th Grade Lip Sync: Wednesday, June 3rd (1:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.) 

Field Day: Friday, June 5th

5th Grade Class Trip to Museum of Natural History: Thursday, June 11 

5th grade Faculty Softball Game: Friday, June 12th (no rain date)

5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony/Slide Show: Wednesday, June 17th (6 pm)

Dorsett Park Picnic: Thursday, June 18th with a rain date of Friday, June 19th

5th Grade Beacon Hill Pool Party: Friday, June 19th with a rain date of
Monday, June 22nd
***this event is not supported by the school or district***

5th Grade Awards Ceremony/ End-of Year Class Parties for Grade 5: Monday, June 22nd


More information to follow for all of these events from the following Committees.

5th Grade Picnic: Sheryl Fallon, Colleen Healey, Elena DeGeorge, Seegal Moses, Lisette Sheehan
5th Grade Slide Show: Kelly Mayhew, Melissa Giunta, Jennifer Wittenberg
5th Grade Lip Sync: Mrs. Arvanitis
5th Grade Field Trip: 5th Grade Teachers
5th Grade Beacon Hill Party: Kelly Mayhew, Colleen Haddad, Lisette Sheehan
5th Grade Softball Game: June Rivera, Seegal Moses